Oral history of Malone, NY late 19th and early 20th Centuries

Social history of Town of Malone NY in the late 19th & early 20th Century. Oral history of Malone NY

Mrs. Katie Long

August 23, 2011

Mrs. Katie Long 1886-1982     Loom Operator at the Lawrence-Webster Mill and Ballard’s Mill, producing wool cloth and clothing in Malone, NY from 1907- 1951 Detailed descriptions of both mills TAPE 1 Track 1 Growing up in Champlain and Rouses Point; moving to Malone in 1907; family life; housing and living conditions; dances, music, and other […]

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A Brief History of Malone, NY

August 15, 2011

Main Street, Malone, Ny 1907 from postcard  A Brief History:  In 1807, New England settlers founded the First Congregational Church in what was to become the Village of Malone; this congregation was the first organized religious body in Franklin County.  The area around Malone had actually been first surveyed several years earlier, in 1801, by […]

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Mrs. F.R. Kirk

August 13, 2011

         Mrs. F.R. Kirk (Elizabeth Crooks)   1883-1972   Mrs. Kirk was a member of a prominent Malone family whose husband, a succesful businessman died at a realively young age.     TAPE 1 Track 1 Family life; growing up in Malone in the 1890‟s; A.G. Crooks & Company wholesale grocer; house design and furniture; religion; gardening and […]

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Clarence E. Kilburn

August 11, 2011

Clarence E. Kilburn    1893-1975     Mr. Kilburn was a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, 1940-1965 Contents: Clarence Kilburn remembers: Links to listen to tapes Link to read the transcript Sally Bullard Remembrances of her Grandparents   Clarence Kilburn memories of WWI: “I remember Archie Roosevelt,… He was not in that company; he […]

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Malone, New York Oral History Interviews

August 5, 2011

History Of Malone, NY         Oral History Interviews and Transcripts   Below are the names of taped interviews from 1970 with residents of Malone who talk about the lives in the late 19th & 20th Centuries. Click on the interviewee names for PDF files of their transcripts.    Clarence Evans Kilburn 1893 […]

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