Malone, New York Oral History Interviews

History Of Malone, NY
Oral History Interviews and Transcripts
Below are the names of taped interviews from 1970 with residents of Malone who talk about the lives in the late 19th & 20th Centuries. Click on the interviewee names for PDF files of their transcripts. 

Clarence Evans Kilburn
1893 – 1975

Mr.  Kilburn was a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives, 1940 -1965


TAPE 84 –

Track 1

University education at Cornell; fraternities; dating; work in street-car advertising; marriage to Anne Crooks; World War I officer training.

Track 2 

Front line action; military experience and living conditions; descriptions of wartime France; Stokes Mortar training; return to America; training at Camp Gordon.


Track 1

Work in Kirk-Maher Ice-Cream; business expansion; death of Roy Kirk in 19211 and becoming president of the company; prohibition and bootlegging in Malone.

Track 2

Prohibition and alcohol; parties and large social events; social life of Malone in the 1920’s & 30’s.


Track 1 

Opinions of Roosevelt and 1930‘s government; appointment to congress in 1940; daily life and duties in congress.

Track 2

The Great Depression and its effects on banking; family life; children‘s education; political campaign. 



Mrs. F.R.
Elizabeth Crooks) Kirk 

1883 – 1972 

Mrs. Kirk was a member of a prominent Malone family whose husband, a succesful businessman died at a realively young age.   


Track 1 

Family life; growing up in Malone in the 1890‟s; A.G. Crooks & Company wholesale grocer; house design and furniture; religion; gardening and landscape; hired help; primary education; girls‟ basketball team.

Track 2

Miss Fuller’s School for Girls; clothing; Sing Sing Prison; Episcopal Church service and Sunday School; music, dances, and other social events; marriage and honeymoon trip to Boston, New
York, and Pennsylvania; food and preservation; Frojoy ice cream company. 

Mrs. Katie Long 


Worker in a Ballard’s Woolen factory in Malone, NY


Track 1

Growing up in Champlain and Rouses Point; moving to Malone in 1907; family life; housing and living conditions; dances, music, and other social events.

Track 2

School; childhood games; death of father in 1915; funeral services; food, cooking, and home preservation; clothing; home remedies.  

Mrs. Samamtha (Purdy) Marlowe 


Interview with Mrs. Marlowe about family life in the late 19th & early 20th century in Malone, NY

    TAPE/CD 121-1-A
Track 1 

Whippleville, Canning, food, and preservation; clothing; carting mill; woollen industry; home remedies: Bangalia tree and others; bathing and hygiene; making soap, Peddlers; log homes in the area; Methodist and Catholic religion; religious holidays including Easter, Lent, and Christmas; food; 4th of July celebrations in Malone; All Saints Day. 

TAPE/CD 121-1-B (39:30 minutes)

Dances, Schottische Dance, singing, story-telling, food   

Mrs. Ellesworth (Lillian) Lawrence 


Early 20th century life in northern New York State & Malone, NY

TAPE 1  

Track  1                                                      

Family life; Rutland Railroad; grandfather’s voyage out from Vermont in 1827; making rag rugs; grandfather’s work–carpentry, funeral undertaking, and milling  


Housing and living conditions; house layout; wood heating; kitchen; bedrooms; furniture; gardening, food, and preservation.  

Mr. J. Hollis

1888 – 1972  

Farming and creamery in Malone and Belmont, NY 


Track 1  

Growing up in Malone in the 1890’s/1900’s; family life; religion; the natural landscape of Malone; housing and furniture. 


House construction; gardening and landscape; barn and other farm outbuildings; cows; surrounding geography of Malone; childhood education. 



Grain farming; beef and pork production; leather tanning; butchering; growing corn and husking bees; arrival of tractors to local agriculture in the 1930’s. 

Track 1  

Farming with horses; growing hops for German export; the Fall Fair and other social events; high-school education; the Malone Creamery. 



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