The Reynolds Family

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Reynolds Family Genealogy 

Father John Reynolds Mother Mary Reynolds

Benjamin Franklin Reynolds b. 8- 1782 Petersburg NY d. 8-1862 Bombay New York Involved in the War of 1812 and was a farmer and Merchant

In 1824 he settled in the wilderness near the St Regis Indian reservation Owned first store in Bombay

Married 1st wife Deborah Gates ca. 1800 b. 1783 d Aug 1823 Vermont butied in Wallingford VT.

2nd wife Ruth Young b 3 Jan 1794 Haverhill NH d. Aug. 1862 Bombay NY

3 children by 2nd wife Orson, Eliza Alice b. 1826 or 27, married William Magoon d. 1917 Benjamin Franklin Jr. B. 1831 d. Ca. 1880 Petit Point Texas

Orson Leroy Reynolds b. 2-14-1829 Bombay, NY d. 4–4—1887 Reynoldston.

Married Phebe Ermina Bigelow b. 9-28-1827 Bangor NY

Married 10-21-1855 Bombay New York


1. Ella Ermine Reynoldsts b.2-18-1857 – Bombay NY d. 12-3- 1875

2. Frank Bigelow Reynolds b. 7-31-1858 – Bombay NY d. 5-23- 1915

Married to Elizabeth Bancroft b. 6-2-1888

2 children

Frances Ermina b. 9-27 1912

Married Fred Kent

Gerald Henry Reynolds b. 4- 17- 1910 d. 7-12-1986

Married Mary Cook

3 children:

Linda Irene Reynolds

Sandra Jane Reynolds

Orson Edwin Reynolds

3. Willie Leroy b. 10-20-1859 – Bombay NY d. 5-23-1915

4. James Newton b. 10-8-1861 – Bombay NY d. 1-7-1922

Married to Delia Weber b. 4-14-1879 d. 3-15-1952

6 children:

Leroy b. 6-4-1901

Vernon b. 4-1-1904 

George b. 5-19-1907

Married Rachel Hyde b. 1-30-1931

4 children:

Richard W. b. 7-12-1935

William H. B. 3-10-1938

Married Helen

1 child: John William b. 8-16-1969

Robert J. B. 11-23- 1942

George F. Jr b. 1946 d. 3-29-1969

Herbert Howells b. 2-27-1909

5. Herbert Howells b. 1-22-1862 – Bombay NY d. 7-23-1945

M. Alice ?

1 son Horace

 6. Berton Leroy b. 8-16-1865 – Bombay NY d. 2-22-1926

6 children Beatrice, Mildred, Miriam, Millicent, Paul and an infant son.

7. Infant son b. 3-16-1868 Bangor, NY d. 3-16-1868 

From Information from Reynolds family bible provided by Rachel Reynolds and from 

*From Letter by Mrs. Carl Marney 1970/Mary Ruth Judd


Mrs. Beatrice Reynolds Beaman Biographical notes provided by her at the time of her interview. 

Born November 4, 1890 – born in Reynoldston in big house. Delivered by Dr. Johnson from South Bangor. 

Started going to school house when three years old. Mary Taylor Lawrence (a cousin) was the school teacher. 

Came to Malone in 1906. Graduated from Franklin Academy in 1910, from St. Lawrence in 1915. (Had to come home one year because of her father’s fire, helped him in County Treasurer’s Office, continued helping him until his term was up. 

Childhood –  Very strict – yet remembered as comfortable. Didn’t get to church. Grandmother used to take them for Sunday afternoon walks, quoting the Bible. “I learned my Bible that way” Grandmother brought up nieces, nephews, cousins. Grandmother the strongest influence 

Reynoldston was all right when I was a youngster, but I don’t think I could have gone back.” (Yet she did, because of Dan’s sickness, keeping Grandma Reynolds’ house for three-four years.  

Enjoyed Reynoldston the second time because “I’m a country girl.”

Kept in contact with Gertrude and Hazel Bordeaux, Agnes and Harriet Bombard, Addie Butler, Florida used to go and see Billy Collins and Charlie Merrick while they were in nursing homes. 

While in St. Lawrence didn’t feel uncomfortable with girl from wealthier city families. Felt her wealthy acquaintances were “very simple people.” Her sister felt uneasy among richer city people. A member of a sorority at St. Lawrence (Kappa Kappa Gamma). 

High school life rather than district school fitted her for college. District school had fifty people under one teacher, education hardly possible.Belonging to Phi Sigma at Franklin Academy, belonging to church fitted her for social life at St. Lawrence.  

Everybody in the family enjoyed a good joke. If Beatrice heard a joke she always said “I must remember to tell mother.” 

Early upbringing influenced most- made her more liked – “Never mind, Beatrice, you’re a good girl and Grandma will always love you.” Beatrice’s disposition in childhood was nasty. Her grandmother made her more kindly. 

August 6, 1917 married Dan – was from Richville in St. Lawrence County, worked in a YMCA when they were married.  Lived in Malone the longest. Dan taught most in Waddington, Richville, Ogdensburg. Clerk of Malone Board of Education for several years. Dan Beaman died January 13, 1964 

Family headquarters (his parents and then hers after her mother died in 1943). Sold second house in 1962. In Flanagan Hotel since late 1963.  

After marriage – to a science teacher – (Dan Beaman) – moved about: Lived in Chicago, ‘Waddington, Ogdensburg, Duane, Malone, Richville, Reynoldston, Richville 

 Jobs she held – Deputy County Treasurer under her father.  Occasionally substituted teaching for her husband 

Tried to bring children up to like simple things, to obey:  Children are: Teacher, Housekeeper, Nurse, Civil Engineer   Didn’t hold grandmother up as an example because she died before they were born. 

Remembers childhood as fun, games, people generally well behaved, except for a few scraps among themselves.   Mrs. Beaman saw her diet as being limited – cereal and toast for breakfast so she ate with loggers (meat and potatoes)

Really poor – she doesn’t see people as poor – they had plenty of salt pork and potatoes, carrots and onions. Didn’t see people in Reynoldston as being so poor as those in the city. “I don’t think that in those days there were what you’d call poor people now”

Gifts on New Year’s for French Canadians?  Feels poor might have been insulted at gifts.

Mrs. Orson Reynolds flowers –Circle of flowers across drive from old house –Two circular fences – one wooden, four feet in side that a wire fence planted all around with sweet peas. Circular beds of different flowers -pansy, portulaca- inside the bed of sweet peas. Rose and lilac bushes at gates of the main circle. Old fashioned roses and asparagus plant in rear garden.

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