The Interviews:

Interviews for Reynoldston New York History


In 1969, Mr. Langlois learned about oral history and with his friend, Robert H. McGowan, both in their third year of college in New York State.  They began to record interviews on the mill and logging community of Reynoldston, New York, a community where Mr. Langlois’ ancestors had settled in 1869.   They spent the next year interviewing  seventeen individuals,  all of whom either lived in or had lived in Reynoldston.  Many of these interviewees were related to Mr. Langlois.  Over sixty tapes were made during this period  (1969-1971) and a large number of photographs provided by the interviewees were collected and duplicated.  During this time a short story titled New Year’s Eve in Reynoldston was written and published in “York State Tradition” Summer 1970 and is found on this website under narratives.  In this time Mr. Langlois and Mr. McGowan completed a draft manuscript for a book on Reynoldston.  Much of the material on this site is drawn from this material.   In addition Mr. McGowan has continued his research in the area in recent years.

The following is a listing of these tapes & transcripts:


1.  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Daisy (French) Bordeaux

Topics:  mill and logging, subsistence farming, social life, Catholic Relision, French Canadians, domestic life, community entertainment 

Tapes:   1-12                       

 2.  Mrs. Ann Desparois (Bordeaux) and Mr. Elond Bordeaux

Tapes:  13-14    

Topics: social life, Catholic Religion, French Canadians, domestic life, community entertainment, logging    


3.  Mrs. Beatrice (Reynolds) Beaman

Tapes: 16-24 

Topics:  Reynolds  Bros.Mill & Logging Operations,  domestic life, community entertainment, Protestant Religion, school

5.  Mrs.  Lillian (Bordeaux) Prue 

Tapes: 29-33          

Topics:  social life, Catholic Religion, French Canadians, domestic life, community entertainment, school

6.  Mr. & Mrs.  Thomas Campbell

Tapes: 34-37A     

Topics: social life, farming & sugaring, domestic life, community entertainment, logging, school

 7.  Mr. & Mrs. Dan Whitcomb

Tapes:   38-42             

Topics: mill and logging, social life,  community entertainment 

 8.  Mrs.  Haidee Rushlow

Tapes: 43-36               

Topics: Reynolds Bros. Mill & Logging Operations, Company Store, school, community entertainment, social life.

9.  Mr.  & Mrs. Clifford Berry

Tape: 90                                        
Topics:  Schooling,  Reynolds Bros. Mill & Logging, community entertainment, social life.

 10.  Mrs. Frances Langlois & Miss Agnes Bombard

Tape: 128 

 11.  Mrs. Delia  Moquin

Tape: 129                                                           
Topics: Childhood in Malone, French influence, domestic life, Reynoldston, Catholic Religion  


12.  Mrs. Francel Ellis

Tape: 127                                         

Topics:   Schooling, social life, Reynolds Family, Interviews werer created in 1969/1970/1971

13.   Mrs. Eugenia (Bordeaux, Brothers) Lashomb   

Growing up in Reynolston 1920’s and 30’s.  Going to school and life in the community.





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