Samantha (Purdy) Marlowe

Mrs. Samamtha (Purdy) Marlowe


Interview with Mrs. Marlowe about family life in the late 19th & early 20th century in Malone, NY 

TAPE/CD:   FCRTR -121-1-A
Track 1 

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Whippleville, Canning, food, and preservation; clothing; carting mill; woollen industry; home remedies: Bangalia tree and others; bathing and hygiene; making soap, Peddlers; log homes in the area; Methodist and Catholic religion; religious holidays including Easter, Lent, and Christmas; food; 4th of July celebrations in Malone; All Saints Day. 


TAPE/CD:   FCRTR- 121-1-B (39:30 minutes)

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(not active yet)

Dances, Schottische Dance, singing, story-telling, food 


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