Maurice Brown 1902 – 1982


Maurice Brown 1902 -1982


  Maurice and Lillian Brown

Maurice Brown describes growing up in Malone New York at the turn of the twentieth Century. He lived next to the Franklin County Fairgrounds on William Street in Malone.  He talks extensively about the Fair when he was a boy.

 Father  was William Brown and mother was Mary (Stone)  Brown

He was married to Lillian (LaBrake ) and for many years was a foreman at the J.O. Ballard woolen mill in Malone.



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Mr. Brown was born on the River Road in the town of Malone.  Discusses growing up on a small farm and the various jobs his father had to support his family Family background; Household contents and description of home at the turn of the beginning of the 20th Century; Household furniture and contents; Farming and gardening; Picking hops; Meals and diet; Clothing; Floating wood on the Salmon River to sawmill in Malone; Family life; Stories about birth; Home remedies;

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More on home remedies; Home cooking and canning;  Childhood games and entertainment; Description of social life and customs; Grade school in a one room school house; Practicing the Roman Catholic Religion and attending Catholic School; Religious decorations and practices in the home; Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations; Easter Celebrations and religious practices; Franklin County Fair at the beginning of the 20th Century


Franklin Country Fair Grounds ca. 1900





















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