Lillian Prue

Mrs. Lillian (Bordeaux) Prue 



Tape 1                                                                                                 Page 9

Day to day life, chores, life at home in the late 19th Century in Reynoldston NY;  Mothers chores, baking making soft soap and housework;  Description of other houses in Reynoldston and that only a few were painted on the outside;  Details on the rooms in the house and house furnishing;  Religious decor in the home family life for married couples; drinking etc, social mores such as swearing and behaviour in the late 19th century; relationship with the mill owners, the Reynolds Family;  Personal and home cleanliness; discussion of poorer families living in log cabins;  Description of the Bordeaux hall and small store; more details of daily life and chores; men and women’s clothing; home and personal cleanliness;  Food that was cooked for the family.                                

Tape 2                                                                                                Page 25

ttendance at a one room school in Reynoldston; Coursework and day to day schooling; More on day to day life and hardships; Gathering and preserving food for the winter; Apple cider and pressing apples; More on day to day life and social customs; Making candy; Diseases and home-remedies.

Tape 3                                                                                                Page 39

New Year’s eve in Reynoldston and community celebration, drinking;  memories of Allen Bordeaux and his impact on her, the family and community, his strong religious beliefs; use of the French language in Reynoldston; Religious holidays and observances and Catholic religion and beliefs; Funeral customs; Confirmation; and Christmas traditions.

Tape 4                                                                                                Page 51

More on day to day life and customs in Reynoldston;  Women’s dress and jewellery; men’s clothing; Family gardens and crops; Weddings and wedding celebrations; Childhood; Toys, clothing, weaving fabric for dresses; more on personal cleanliness; more on the Bordeaux Hall in Reynoldston; Education about where babies came from.

Tape 5                                                                                                Page 63

Talk of Albert Bordeaux working as a logger for the Reynolds Bros. Mill; Miscellaneous



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