Listen to and read the Lillian Prue oral history interview about growing up in Reynoldston New York in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries

Orall History interview with Lillian Prue, oldest member of the Bordeauxa family, bout growing up in Reynoldston New York in the late 19th and early 20th Cenuries, Social life and customs, day to day life and religious beliefs. Description of schooling, housework, religious holidays and other families in Reynoldston

Lillian Prue


Mrs. Lillian (Bordeaux) Prue 



Tape 1                                                                                                 Page 9

Day to day life, chores, life at home in the late 19th Century in Reynoldston NY;  Mothers chores, baking making soft soap and housework;  Description of other houses in Reynoldston and that only a few were painted on the outside;  Details on the rooms in the house and house furnishing;  Religious decor in the home family life for married couples; drinking etc, social mores such as swearing and behaviour in the late 19th century; relationship with the mill owners, the Reynolds Family;  Personal and home cleanliness; discussion of poorer families living in log cabins;  Description of the Bordeaux hall and small store; more details of daily life and chores; men and women’s clothing; home and personal cleanliness;  Food that was cooked for the family.                                

Tape 2                                                                                                Page 25

ttendance at a one room school in Reynoldston; Coursework and day to day schooling; More on day to day life and hardships; Gathering and preserving food for the winter; Apple cider and pressing apples; More on day to day life and social customs; Making candy; Diseases and home-remedies.

Tape 3                                                                                                Page 39

New Year’s eve in Reynoldston and community celebration, drinking;  memories of Allen Bordeaux and his impact on her, the family and community, his strong religious beliefs; use of the French language in Reynoldston; Religious holidays and observances and Catholic religion and beliefs; Funeral customs; Confirmation; and Christmas traditions.

Tape 4                                                                                                Page 51

More on day to day life and customs in Reynoldston;  Women’s dress and jewellery; men’s clothing; Family gardens and crops; Weddings and wedding celebrations; Childhood; Toys, clothing, weaving fabric for dresses; more on personal cleanliness; more on the Bordeaux Hall in Reynoldston; Education about where babies came from.

Tape 5                                                                                                Page 63

Talk of Albert Bordeaux working as a logger for the Reynolds Bros. Mill; Miscellaneous



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