Community Timeline

Reynoldston Timeline

1828          Town of Brandon formed from Bangor

1830          Hiram Eddy cuts a trail to make Potash – “Black Salts” in Brandon

1864          Orson Reynolds enlists in Union Army

1866-73     Flanders Mill Operates

1870’s       Webster Mill Operates

1870          Orson Reynolds Justice of the Peace in Bombay

c. 1869       Allen Bordeaux moves to Reynoldston

c. 1872       Orson Reynolds moves to Reynoldston – Reynolds Mill starts  operating -The firm includes Phoebe Reynolds 

1870/71      Joseph Campbell moves to Reynoldston

1876           Reynolds, Bordeaux &  Campbell  families, shown on map residing in Reynolds’ Mill

1876-80      Orson Reynolds Supervisor of Brandon

1880           O. Reynolds buys Webster Tract

1886           School house built

1887           Orson Reynolds dies at 58.   – Reynolds Brothers & Co. formed – – Frank, J. Newton, Herbert, Berton – Reynolds
                  open store: use shinplasters  to pay workers instead of US currency

                  Reynolds Build Telegraph to Reynoldston  and other towns:  switchboard in Reynolds Store

1894         Reynolds’ Mill name changed to Reynoldston                  
Post Office opens in Reynoldston; 
Henry Lincoln 1st Postmaster

1897         Reynoldston Telegraph expands to Owl’s Head

1901         Reynoldston Telephone Line built –  St. Regis Falls – to Dickinson Center

1905         – A stone and concrete dam completed-  A new mill to produce hardwood flooring planned  

                – Reynolds Bros. land holdings – 10,000 acres   

1906         Berton Reynolds buys out W.C Shorts share of the Malone Lumber Company.  Reynolds and Charlie Wilding are
of the Malone Lumber Co. – Berton Reyolds Family moves to Malone

1908         Beginning of Brooklyn Cooperage contract 

1909       Reynolds Bros. selling matched lumber,  clapboards

1910       Census 361 residents – 86 households
Phoebe Reynolds dies 

1915       Frank Reynolds dies (ruptured appendicitis)

1917       Allen Bordeaux dies, ae. 82

1918       Expiration of Brooklyn Cooperage Contract – Cutting has exhausted the supply ofhardwood trees

1918       Telephone Company sold – Post office closed

c 1919     Switch to cutting softwood for Malone  Paper Co. – 100 tons a day 

1906-19   Dates of operation of Bordeaux Dance Hall

               – Brandon 900 residents

               – Father Lauzon says mass in Reynoldston

1918        L. Cass Bowen buys out Berton Reynolds’  share of Malone Lumber Company, Berton  Reynolds retires.

1920        Reynoldston school has 41 Students

c. 1921     Mill stops running on a regular basis

1922        Reynoldston has baseball team – Newton Reynolds dies, age. 60

c. 1925     End of cutting pulp for Malone Paper Company

1926        Berton Reynolds killed in Utica in a car accident – Reynolds Bros. Mill business closed

c. 1927     Houses in Reynoldston offered for $50.00 each, none sold (Chateaugy Record, 1934) 

1929        Father Cornish holds outdoor Mass 

1934        Reynolds Brothers sell 700 acres of land to  State of New York.  Other land goes tostate for taxes

1930’s      Civilian Conservation  Corps builds fire access roads in Reynoldston

1940/41    Reynoldston school closed

1940        Herbert Reynolds uses a Cadilac engine to cut wood in Reynoldston.

1945        Herbert Reynolds dies






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