Clifford Berry

Mr. Clifford Berry

1899- 1973


Clifford & Etta Berry -Clifford’s 1st wife












Clifford & Irene Berry – Cliffords 2nd Wife











Reynoldston, NY

Tape 1

Track 1

Harlan Eddy makes potash or “blacksalts” and develops the road that would become the Eddy Road in Brandon and in time the road to Reynoldston.  Mr. Berry tells story he heard from his family about what happened.  the development of the Brooklyn Cooperage logging Railroad into  Reynoldston and southern Brandon from St. Regis Falls; Mr. Berry details the residents of Reynoldston that he remembers from being a teacher their in the 1920’s until 1924; description of teaching in Reynoldston and working part time for the Reynolds Bros. Mill. Discussion of life in Reynoldston in the early 1920’s.  Working as a scaler for the Reynolds Bros. Mill.

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Track 2

More description of the people who lived in Reynoldston and the one room school; Christmas at the school; Growing up in Bangor and family history and the Dyke family.  Rest of tape not transcribed but focuses on the Berry and Dyke family history.

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