April 13, 2014

Re:  The http://www.reynoldstonnewyork.org website

Dear Friends,

First off I want to thank all of you for your generosity in sharing material related to your family and loved ones with us and the website.   Your support and encouragement has meant a great deal to us.

As many of you know, the website created by myself with the help of Robert McGowan, has not seen many changes over the past couple of years due to my own health issues.   The good news is that my health is improving and I am looking forward to putting my last health issue – leukemia, into remission by the fall of this year.

None-the-less, the complexities of running a website have grown over the years and I do not see myself as either willing or able to carry out the work of managing a website in an ever more complex technical environment.

Over the past five years, Mr. McGowan and I have worked very closely with SUNY at Plattsburgh – Special Collections – in the Feinberg Library.   We have now deposited all the original tapes, transcripts, photos, correspondence, manuscripts, and related documents that we collected for over fifty years into Special Collections for long term preservation.

In addition SUNY Plattsburgh has also generously agreed to take over the Reynoldston website and maintain it within their own systems.   This will mean changes of course, but the core of all the material contained on the site will be preserved. I know that they will treat you and the material you shared with us on the website, with the same respect we worked hard to demonstrate.  Mr. McGowan and I plan to continue to support the website through the SUNY at Plattsburgh.

Lastly, we want to encourage you to also consider donating your own original material to SUNY Plattsburgh to ensure it survives for many, many generations.  The history of Northern New York is not well known.  Thus the more material that is permanently preserved means that the lives and stories of our families and neighbors will be there for future generations to study and enjoy.

The contact at SUNY Plattsburgh, Special Collections is Debra Kimok who is just as devoted to the history of our area as we are.  You can contact her by email at kimokdm@plattsburgh.edu

With best wishes,

William Langlois & Robert H. McGowan


Moquin Genealogy


Moquin Genealogy

Henry Moquin  1862-

Wife:   Mary  1863 –



1.   Peter 1891-

2. Edward 1895

3. Angeline  1997

4.  Oscar  1901

5.  Armass 1906

6.  Elmer  1906- 1977




Philip J. Moquin  1873-1963)

wife  Mrs. Delia (Hooper)  Moquin  1884 –1987

See  the  interview about Reynoldston with Delia Moquin by clicking on the link (Delia Moquin)



1.   Eleanor  1901

2.  Anna1903

3.   Viola  1908

4.  Victor  1912

5.  Loretta  1914

6  May Veronica b. 5/31/1917

6.  Raymond 1919



*This information is based on 1910 & 1920 US Census Records


Joseph Campbell, Reynoldston, New York b. 1833 d. 1906 Family Genealogy

December 23, 2013

Genealogy  Joseph Campbell   b. 1833 d. 1906 A g e, 25 years. Enlisted, August 30, 1862, at Bangor, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. F , September 29, 1802; mustered out with company, June 7, 1865, at Raleigh, N . C. m. Philomene (Mary) Rondeau b. 1844-1930 Note from Joey John on […]

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An Adirondack Mill Town

January 11, 2013

                    History                     Community Life                 Family Life                 Religious Beliefs      Reynolds’ Mill           Logging             Logging Camps     Blacksmith Shop      Company Store     Telephone-Telegraph Sale of Reynold’s Lands     Brooklyn Cooperage  Farming & Sugaring Housing Styles The Families Tapes & Transcripts 

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History of Reynoldston

January 4, 2013

Introduction Reynoldston, New York, is still a place on a map, but little remains from the period during which this community thrived on local forest resources – a short fifty years, 1880-1930 (see Timeline).   While the story of the community is not unique to so many single resources town, what is unique is that […]

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Oral and Digital History of Franklin County, New York

January 1, 2013

       Bangor     Bombay       Brandon-Skerry    Burke         Duane       Constable    Malone Town   Malone Village    Westville             Whippleville    Growing Hops   Langlois Family   

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Episodes in History

October 23, 2012

                                     Logging in     Franklin County    Reynoldston 1880 through plate  glass negatives       Robert Schroeder      of Debar Pond, NY                                                         NewYear’s Eve    in Reynoldston      

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Logging in The Township of Brandon, Franklin County, New York

October 13, 2012

  LOGGING IN FRANLKIN COUNTY AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY (AROUND  1900) By Marion Delisle My objective was to learn about logging in its traditional form as practised in the early years of 1900. Having lived on a farm near such wooded areas, logging has been not only a pastime but a means of […]

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Community Life

June 12, 2012

Community Life              Although, Reynoldston never existed as an incorporated village, its three hundred and fifty residents formed a small close knit community of lumberjacks and mill hands, many drawn from large extended families such as the Bordeauxs, the Campbells, the Bombards, the Trushaws, the Moquins and the Trims. These families and about thirty others were […]

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May 21, 2012

    Reynoldston Research and Studies: Historical Background and Current Projects By W. J. Langlois & Robert H McGowan   Introduction Oral History of Reynoldston, New York – 1968-70 Collecting Social History Collecting the History of the Reynolds Bros. Mill Creation of Reynoldston Research and Studies Franklin County New York Oral History, Documenting the Social […]

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