RRAS Publications – BC

Included here ares some of the publications produced by Reynoldston Research and Studies and its successor the Aural History Institute of BC 1972-1974. In 1974 the Aural history institute established the highly successful Sound Heritage Series that was later cancelled.

Reynoldston Research and Studies Publications

Below are PDF’s of these publications and a list of contents 


 Reynoldston Research and Studies Publication

 Vol. 1,


Reynoldston Research and Sutdies

View From Vancouver –  RRAS Viewpoint

Oral History in B.C.

Oral History in Canada

The Cultural Communities of British Columbia Oral History Project

Art in RRAS


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 Reynoldston Research and Studies Publication Vol 2 No. 1

                                                REYNOLDSTON RESEARCH AND STUDIES
                                                 RECHERCHE ET ETUDES REYNOLDSTON

                                             “Oral History Developments in B. C.”


 Comments on the Issue                                                  W.J. Langlois 

The CBC’s Living Memory Project                                     Imbert orchard 

RRAS Current Projects and Some New Directions              W. J. Langlois 

Notes from an Informal Interview Situation                      Daphne Marlatt 

An Open Letter                                                              From the Committee for Oral History in BC  

Proposal for a B. C. Institute of Sound Records  

What Use is Oral History?                                                Daphne Marlatt 

Reflections of an Interviewee                                          William (Leo) Canuel 

Pioneer Communities?                                                    Colin Reeves

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Reynoldston Research and Studies Publication Vol. 2 No.2

                                     REYNOLDSTON RESEARCH AND STUDIES



 “Aural History in B. C. and Oral History in Canada.”



 Comments on the Issue                                                  W. J. Langlois 

An Institute and Association of Aural History 

RRAS Objectives 

Our Mothers in History – One Woman’s  View            Jane Covernton 

Oral History in Canada: An Overview                           Leo La Clare 

Labour History, Oral History, and the Ginger Goodwin Case                 Richard Lochead 

Directory of Canadian Oral History 

An Interview with Harold Winch                                       Harold Winch

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