Langlois Family

Henry Langlois Family Gallery          

Henry Langlois and Delia Premo Langlois


Family photo of the Henry and Delia Premo Family 



Clayeon & Orville & Family ca. 1950

Orville Langlois Family Gallery


 This is a new gallery and some of the images will require further work to make them clearer and better.   Many were small and very old snapshots and do not blow up well and so will need to be reformatted.   Over time we will work on this and adding more photos.

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Archives & Genealogy – Langlois Family

November 23, 2011

The Orville Langlois Family Genealogy (There are a large number of other family members that are not in this genealogy. We have their names and birthdates, but not their parentage. Please feel free to let us know any information you have on this.) [Perhaps Amos, who was a mortar and worked at the Hines and […]

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Mr. W. Orville Langlois

August 23, 2011

Mr. W. Orville Langlois  1877-1975 Orville Langlois was W. Langlois’s great-grandfather.   When he was growing up, Orville came to stay with his family, and built a large garage for the family.  At that time Orville would have been in his early 80’s.   He was a small vigorous man.   Soon after,  Mr. Langlois and Mr. McGowan began interviewing […]

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