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  • Mrs. Pearle Learned

          Mrs. Pearle  B. Learned 1895-1986  Teacher – Raised in Duane, NY       Tape 1  Side 1                                                                                                             Pearle Learned 1895-1986; Born in Duane, New York; Growing up in Duane, NY; Father Charles Beyerl who worked for Robert Schroeder of Debar Pond; Description of family home in Duane; Life in the late […]

  • Mrs. Mattie Haskins

    Mrs. Mattie Haskins 1897 –  1976  Tape Nos.  2, Tracks 1 & 2 Interviewed by: Robert McGowan and W. J. Langlois  Recorded: September 4, 1970  Topic: Local Government and Social Life in Duane, New York TAPE 1  CD:  FCRTC-091-1A Audio   Track 1          Click on Audio link to listen to interview:     Audio [audio:] CD:  FCRTC-091-1B  […]