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  • Reynolds Brothers Mill Operations

    Reynolds Brothers Mill Operations   The Reynolds Mill Introduction The Reynolds Mill, established c. 1870 by Orson L. Reynolds, became one of the largest, most diversified mill and logging operations in Franklin County. “Of course there we mills around in Duane and St Regis Falls, because that was the section for mills” Beatrice Beaman Tape 1 […]

  • Reynolds Bros Mill Company Store

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  • Reynolds Mill Photos

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  • Reynolds Land Holdings and Disposition

          Reynolds Land Holdings and Disposition    By 1920 the Reynolds family had been logging for about 50 years.  Its members found themselves with large tracts of land that had been timbered over, no Brooklyn Cooperage contract, and a declining business.  In the 1920s the family slowly began to divest itself of property. The […]

  • Shinplaster and Reynoldston Song

                Scrip Money or Shinplasters               Shinplasters that the Reynolds Bros. used shortly  after 1887  to pay mill workers and loggers – instead of US currency in Reynoldston, N. Y.       During the late 1870’s and early 1880’s the Reynolds issued their own currency to pay workers called […]

  • The Reynolds Telegraph and Telephone Company

    The Reynolds Telegraph and Telephone Company   Frank Reynolds was the oldest of the four Reynolds Bros.  demonstrated acute business acumen first with the creation of the Telegraph line that linked not only Reynoldston but many other communities in both Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties.   Similarly with the creation of the Telephone Line Reynoldston became […]

  • The Blacksmith Shop

    The Blacksmith Shop * * For more details on being a blacksmith go to W. Orville Langlois who described being a blacksmith in detail:  Click Here   The Mill Blacksmith Shop A necessity for the mill and logging operations was the blacksmith’s shop, located at the corner of the mill road just before it turned to […]

  • The Company Store/ Mill Office

                                                                    Company Store/Mill Office       Throughout most of the history of Reynoldston, the Reynolds Company Store was a focus of the community.  Essential in such an isolated place, the company store was a general store that sold nearly everthing that residents needed including groceries, dry goods,  clothing, hardware and all kinds of […]

  • The Reynolds Bros. Mill

        During its peak  years the Reynolds mill complex consisted of the dam, main sawmill, planing mill, shingle mill, blacksmith shop, boiler room, store, and farm. While the mill produced a range of wood products over he years, inlcuding matched lumber, clapboard siding, shingles. the hey day of the mill was reached with two […]