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  • Reynolds Bros. Logging Operations

    The Reynolds Bros. Logging Operations   A major division of the Reynolds Bros. Mill operation was the logging camps they ran to house and feed the men who worked in the logging woods.  At its peak during the Brooklyn Cooperate Contract beginning in 1910, the Reynolds Bros operated  four logging camps  and employed more than one […]

  • Logging Gallery

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  • Conservation/Reforestation

    Denuding the Forests:                When the Orville Reynolds and subsequently his four sons built their mill and logging  business in the latter half of the 19th Century, the concept of forest preservation and reforestation had not taken hold and it was only after so much of the forest canopy of the Adirondack and […]

  • Brooklyn Cooperage Contract – 1908-18

    BROOKLYN COOPERAGE COMPANY   Reynolds Bros. Contract 1908-1918                  In 1900 the Brooklyn Cooperage Company made its first foray into Franklin County by building a stave mill in Tupper Lake and constructing a logging railroad to supply the mill   The company then gradually expanded operations northward, first to Santa Clara, where it took over the Hurd […]

  • Life in Logging Camps

    Life in Logging Camps            The early Reynold’s logging camps were small, housing perhaps eight to ten men each.  Some of the loggers boarded with the Reynoldses, and not in the camps.  This changed after the Reynolds Bros. took over the mill operations after Orson Reynolds died in 1887.          The peak years for the camps […]

  • Reynolds Bros. Logging & Camps

    Logging In Reynoldston   Early Settlers  Trees were the most abundant resource in the area and the community’s economy depended on the exploitation of this resource.  The first settlers to Reynoldston moved there to establish farms and as they cleared their lands, they used the forest wealth as a good source of cash income – […]