An Oral and Digital History of an Adirondack Mill Town, 1870-1970

An Adirondack Mill Town, This website allows you to experience life (1870-1970) in Reynoldston, a Northern New York State community that prospered from its forest wealth and disappeared when the forests were clear cut. Through oral history interviews, over 400 historical photographs and other documents, the people of Reynoldston tell us in their own voices about life in an isolated mill town in the northern foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.

Moquin Genealogy


Moquin Genealogy

Henry Moquin  1862-

Wife:   Mary  1863 –



1.   Peter 1891-

2. Edward 1895

3. Angeline  1997

4.  Oscar  1901

5.  Armass 1906

6.  Elmer  1906- 1977




Philip J. Moquin  1873-1963)

wife  Mrs. Delia (Hooper)  Moquin  1884 –1987

See  the  interview about Reynoldston with Delia Moquin by clicking on the link (Delia Moquin)



1.   Eleanor  1901

2.  Anna1903

3.   Viola  1908

4.  Victor  1912

5.  Loretta  1914

6  May Veronica b. 5/31/1917

6.  Raymond 1919



*This information is based on 1910 & 1920 US Census Records



 Joseph Campbell   b. 1833 d. 1906

A g e, 25 years. Enlisted, August 30, 1862, at Bangor, to serve three years; mustered in as private, Co. F , September 29, 1802; mustered out with company, June 7, 1865, at Raleigh, N . C.

m. Philomene (Mary) Rondeau b. 1844-1930

Note from Joey John on Mary Rondeau or Rondo:

Henry Gonyea moved from Rouses Point to Reynoldston just before the Civil War (I assume to work for Reynolds) He was married to Mary (Philomene Rondeau, Rondo??) He had 2 children with Mary. Henry and Frank. Henry and Joseph Campbell both served in Civil War. I assume they were friends. I have records on my ancesry page. Henry was wounded, taken captive, and died in southern custody. Joseph came home and married Henry’s widow, Mary. They had a large number of children together. My great grandfather being their step.  Has more information and his page.

Mrs. Mary Campbell, an esteemed resident of this place, died at her home with her daughter, Miss Sarah Campbell last week Thursday morning, aged. 86 years.  She was twice widowed; her first husband, Henry Gonia, died, during military service in the Civil War, Her second husband was Joseph Campbell, also a Civil War veteran, who died several years ago. She is survived by one sister and 12 children, also 43 grandchildren and 73 great-grandchildren

14 children

Flora  b.1859

Joseph b. 1861

 Fankie b. 1861

 Julia b. 1870

 Sarah b. 1872

 Georgie (male) b. 1873

Libbie b. 1874

 Amelia b. 1877

Johnny b. 1879

2 children Bernard, Edmond

George Campbell b. 1874

Albert b. 1882

m. Orpha    b. 1882-  d.1925

Leslie b. 1886

Thomas b. 1886 – d.1981

m. Jennie Jock  b. 1886- 1976

Leona b.1890


An Adirondack Mill Town

January 11, 2013

                    History                     Community Life                 Family Life                 Religious Beliefs      Reynolds’ Mill           Logging             Logging Camps     Blacksmith Shop      Company Store     Telephone-Telegraph Sale of Reynold’s Lands     Brooklyn Cooperage  Farming & Sugaring Housing Styles The Families Tapes & Transcripts 

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History of Reynoldston

January 4, 2013

Introduction Reynoldston, New York, is still a place on a map, but little remains from the period during which this community thrived on local forest resources – a short fifty years, 1880-1930 (see Timeline).   While the story of the community is not unique to so many single resources town, what is unique is that […]

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Community Life

June 12, 2012

Community Life              Although, Reynoldston never existed as an incorporated village, its three hundred and fifty residents formed a small close knit community of lumberjacks and mill hands, many drawn from large extended families such as the Bordeauxs, the Campbells, the Bombards, the Trushaws, the Moquins and the Trims. These families and about thirty others were […]

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Reynolds Bros. Logging Operations

May 19, 2012

The Reynolds Bros. Logging Operations   A major division of the Reynolds Bros. Mill operation was the logging camps they ran to house and feed the men who worked in the logging woods.  At its peak during the Brooklyn Cooperate Contract beginning in 1910, the Reynolds Bros operated  four logging camps  and employed more than one […]

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Joseph Bombard Family of Reynoldston

March 27, 2012

  The Joseph Bombard Family of Reynoldston         Joseph Bombard and his family lived in Reynoldston in the late 19th and early 20th Centluries. He was a carpenter for the Reynoldst Bros. Mill. In that role he helped to build many of the mill homes rented to mill workers and loggers. He […]

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The William LeHare Family of Reynoldston New York

March 27, 2012

  LaHare Genealogy William LaHare (LaHaie)  b. 27 Jul 1854 in canada, D. 8 Apr 1919 in Brandon, NY m. Mary Bombard b. 26 july 1856 in Vermont, d. 21 dec 1917 in Brandon, NY. They were married 20 may 1875 in Bangor, Franklin County, NY. children: William W. LaHare b. abt. 1879 d. bef. 1900 Lena LaHare […]

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Frances Ellis

October 2, 2011

 Mrs. Frances Ellis                                 Tape 1 Side 1   Click on Audio link to listen to interview: Click on Audio link to listen to interview: Audio Click on Audio link to listen to interview: Audio [audio: Mrs. Frances Ellis 1.mp3] […]

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Delia Moquin

October 2, 2011

Mrs. Delia Moquin   Mrs. Delia (Hooper) Moquin 1884 –1987   (married Philip J. Moquin) 1873-1963)   Interviewed by Robert H. McGowan,   August 27, 1971             Tape 1   Side 1   –   Page 7 Growing up in Malone, NY in the late 19th Century; Family backgrounds – French Canadian; Moving to […]

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