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  • Frances Ellis

     Mrs. Frances Ellis                                 Tape 1 Side 1   Click on Audio link to listen to interview: Click on Audio link to listen to interview: Audio Click on Audio link to listen to interview: Audio [audio: Mrs. Frances Ellis 1.mp3] […]

  • Delia Moquin

    Mrs. Delia Moquin   Mrs. Delia (Hooper) Moquin 1884 –1987   (married Philip J. Moquin) 1873-1963)   Interviewed by Robert H. McGowan,   August 27, 1971             Tape 1   Side 1   –   Page 7 Growing up in Malone, NY in the late 19th Century; Family backgrounds – French Canadian; Moving to […]

  • Clifford Berry

    Mr. Clifford Berry 1899- 1973                                             Reynoldston, NY Tape 1 Track 1 Harlan Eddy makes potash or “blacksalts” and develops the road that would become the Eddy Road in Brandon and in time the […]

  • Thomas and Jennnie Campbell

    Thomas & Jennnie Campbell Thomas:  b. 1886 – d.1981  m. Jennie Jock – b. 1886- 1976 Thomas and Jennie Campbell lived in Reynoldston all of their lives.   Thomas Campbell’s father served in the Civil War and his mother was widowed by the Civil War . JOSEPH CAMPBELL (1833-1906) In the early 1870’s Joseph Campbell was present in what […]

  • Haidee Rushlow

      Haidee Rushlow   Click on Audio link to listen to interview: Audio [audio: Mrs. Haidee Rushlow 1.mp3] /public_html/reynoldstonnewyork/wp-content/01 Mrs. Haidee Rushlow 1.mp3 Click on Audio link to listen to interview: Audio [audio: Mrs. Haidee Rushlow 2.mp3] /public_html/reynoldstonnewyork/wp-content/02 Mrs. Haidee Rushlow 2.mp3   Click on this link to read Haidee Rushlow’s :   TRANSCRIPT  

  • Mrs. Ann (Bordeaux) Desparois and Mr. Eleon Bordeaux

    Mrs. Ann (Bordeaux) Desparois   1903-1994 and Mr. Elond Bordeaux 1898 -1969       Tape 1 Click on Audio link to listen to interview: Audio [audio: Desparois – Bordeaux1.mp3] Tape 2 Click play to listen to interview: [audio:] Click on link for transcript:   Transcript  

  • Lillian Prue

    Mrs. Lillian (Bordeaux) Prue  1891-1992     Tape 1                                                                                                 Page 9 Day to day life, chores, life at home in the late 19th Century in Reynoldston NY;  Mothers chores, baking making soft soap and housework;  Description of other houses in Reynoldston and that only a few were painted on the outside;  Details on the rooms in […]

  • Eugenia Lashomb

    Eugenia (Bordeaux, Brothers) Lashomb Eugenia Lashomb is the daugher to Daisy and Eugene Bordeaux and grew up in Reynoldston before World War II and after the Reynolds Mill closed.   She was one of the last students to attend the one room school house.  During her childhood most of the small number residents who remained in Reynoldston were […]

  • Beatrice Reynolds Beaman

    Mrs. Beatrice Reynolds Beaman   Biographical notes provided by her at the time of her interview. Born November 4, 1890 – born in Reynoldston in big house.  Delivered by Dr. Johnson from South Bangor.   Started going to school house when three years old.  Mary Taylor Lawrence (a cousin) was the school teacher.  Came to Malone in 1906.  […]

  • Eugene & Daisy Bordeaux

    Interviewed in 1969 Comments on the Interview: We first interviewed Eugene and Daisy French Bordeaux, Bill’s grandparents, two of only a few people then living in Reynoldston.  They were a good choice for our first interviews, as they were willing to be patient with us as we learned the ins and outs of interviewing.  During […]